Chicken - Coming Soon !

In the UK we were best known as poultry farmers (despite having a lot of pigs), as our chicken was in high demand. We are looking at beginning another poultry venture here once outdoor fox-safe enclosures are constructed (now under construction). The birds will be a well-known UK origin breed, Ross Cobbs, that we have had before, although day old chicks will be grown in France.

These provide a good, plump bird with a nice colour meat. We aim to provide these at a reasonable price as we did in the UK. Chicken breasts, legs and chicken sausages will also be available. We were one of the first producers of chicken sausages in the UK and our chicken breasts were used by the Fortnum & Mason restaurant among others. We aim to keep pricing sensible for our chicken.


We buy in our pullets at 6 weeks old from an excellent free ranging French breeder that we have used for years. They are raised outdoors and enjoy a varied diet. Our "Large white" turkeys (9-12kg.) will be fresh; however, due to the demand for smaller birds, we will have to take these before Christmas and these will be fast-frozen but lack nothing in quality.

All animals and birds are free ranging. Delivery date is December 23nd. If required. Please let us know a preferred size so as not to disappoint.

Ross Cob